Be careful when buying an apartment. Scammers are lurking.

While the technology of the Internet has opened up many possibilities and immediacy, its proper use when making a purchase or sale is often a touchy subject. For such transactions, the main issue is not trusting the seller or the buyer, has more to do with a matter of being cautious, think calmly and not be swayed by desire or need.  As with any activity involving the use of the web, not because there is written is true. When making a purchase of apartments in Atlanta Georgia, you need to check the data before making payments or transactions involving a significant amount of your budget.

  • All scams are usually related to very striking deals for who feels urged to find an apartment, performs uses the urgency of the need, controlling the desire to buy a home with a great offer. Many of these great deals are given “due to travel” or “personal problems” somehow forcing the owner to leave quickly the building.
  • In these cases, there are often people who publish a variety of ads for different phone numbers using generally cell, with properties (many false) and offers different areas of cities. By capturing an interested, they require an initial deposit for a visit to the apartment; people who confidently deposited money never again know about the contact person.
  • There are also cases where a person gives money confidently and personal information too a stranger to publish the announcement of its sale. To blindly give your data to a person you are providing information that can easily falsify for estate real scams, technology and the wide variety of editing programs that are currently giving you the tools to convert your documents.
  • If you find yourself in a situation like this you should do the following:
  •  Asks the owner references, always ask a local number and office number to communicate with the person if you have only posted a phone number (if you’re making contact directly with the owner and not a real estate).
  • Check all the apartments in Atlanta Georgia documents.  Learn about registering the same, if it is under the mortgage, if the seller is mentioned in the document property as owner thereof, if the records are correct and if it is not under any legal problem.
  • Don´t make a transaction until the structured document for sale of the property it is already and have verified information about it. Requires original documents, copies are easily falsifiable with editing programs.
  • When you ask for a loan to buy a house, certain documents of the property that the owner must surrender to the process are required. Avoid signing contracts with penalties if you do not have the documents you need the property to get your credit, without them the bank will not grant the loan and the other person will stay with the penalty specified in the document.

•    Remember, this is not to be suspicious but rather cautious and not deposit, deliver or transfer to any amount of money requested by the seller before checking the property details and have a notarized document.

Decorating an apartment – Trends and Art of the Interiors in small spaces

The apartments in atlanta georgia are, unlike the houses that are centuries of existence in human society, in short, the home that best represents the generation of the century, and has developed as a legacy to the next. From small places no more than 45 square meters, up wastes of more than 500 meters, the apartments are our way of expressing privacy and community life in small spaces. The governments of all countries have plunged in the last decade, to the construction of many housing complexes looking skyward with tight spaces, on a quest to alleviate the population explosion in its big cities. And with the construction of these vertical housing, also comes customization of those places, as though on the outside an apartment building gives the appearance of uniformity, in each of these places, its inhabitants refuse to this appearance and give their personal touch to this dwelling places.

There are many trends or ways in which you can decorate apartments in Atlanta Georgia, one of this is the modern and vibrant colors, with tropical murals that make us remember the sets of the scenes of the 50s in a concert hall, with its green and oranges, yellows and violets its furniture of different textures, sometimes one upholstered sofa, others a high wooden chair. These colorful apartments can be seen between the Finns have been left dazzled by the Italian architect Maurizio Giovannoni.

Another trend is the simple and original based on a color palette predominantly white, with different shades of gray and black and furniture with simple lines and low budget, small boxes or tribal artworks type of support that simple trend grays, besides wood furniture without elaborate finishes. This very stylish integration of spaces, where the kitchen and dining room attached to the main unit as a harmonious inner beauty, and it is clear that in small apartments this trend is the norm, young couples without children you can enjoy these small spaces, where you can chat with friends while cooking without having to travel to different spaces, a library can be our separation between the dining and living room, while a large furniture can be our wall between the same room and bedroom.

Less is always more, and both Swedes and Norwegians have minimalist tastes, with walls covered in white tiles, combined with metal stays and oriental art, represent very well the meaning of the basic and simple in space.

The Polish study LOFT Magdalena Adamus has made colorful and modern apartments, pictures of photography, reminiscent of the urban, the mixing of different ways in furniture in the main rooms, with great predominance of geometric forms are part of the design so striking that definitely retains that characteristic sobriety of European and easily exported to different parts of the globe. An agile mind and will draw their spaces may, without taking too much money out of pocket, make truly custom designs that make your apartment a special place and very much his own. In the end, what matters is the inside right?

The good and bad of the apartment for tourists

In the world, despite the continuing economic crises in recent years and social situations in different countries, it remains constant, and in some cases has increased the tourist activity. In fact, the statistics of the World Tourism Organization speak of more than 21 million passengers just in the first half of last year. Visit other regions in the country or across the border to experience other cultures as entertainment and retirement, are activities that have never ceased humans of this world in this century.

But it is clear that many young tourists, who plan to travel, are looking to cut costs and then prefer cheaper places such as apartments for tourists. These Apartments in Atlanta Georgia offer a number of advantages to travelers than any hotel could offer, among them are the ability to share the cost among several people per day; because being an apartment can always travel groups of 4 or 6 people and pay much less than if will be staying at hotels where the rooms require guests to stay in rooms of up to 3 people.

Another benefit is the ability to save on the cost of laundry and kitchen. The apartments are rented furnished with everything you need including washing machines and cookers. Thus, a group of travelers can buy their groceries at the nearby supermarkets and wash their clothes in the apartment which means more money to visit places and enjoy the city. As an interesting fact, today, in cities such as Madrid, for example, of the 80,000 seats available for accommodation in the city, 7,000 belong to this branch of apartments for tourists, which mean that it has increased the number of tourists staying in apartments.

Although there are real benefits regarding saving money when renting Apartments in Atlanta Georgia for tourists, there are also some disadvantages that cannot be overlooked. Everyone knows that it is always a tourist in the city you visit, a tourist; someone who does not know many places; someone who does not know who can ask for an address or take cab to go somewhere, and the risk of assaults and robberies is higher than for a person or a group of people who are staying in an apartment for tourists who stay in hotels in the city. Guests apartment are not protected by tourist guides in the cities where they travel, plus have no guarantee of basic services, a guest apartment could be without water or no electricity, and not have anyone complain about that.

In the end, you need to research a lot about the place where the apartment is located, crime rates in areas where it is, make a sketch of the places and above all have current maps to avoid getting lost or reach dangerous places are part of the forecasts should take any traveler who plans to stay in an apartment, comfort of hotel service can be better for some not adapted to extreme planning to save some pennies in one place, but that will always be a personal choice.

The First and Last Apartments or The vertical life in the 19th and 20th centuries

The property, as all good in our society today, has been with us since we were born and is sure that none of us ever wondered what the origin of the call vertical property. The Industrial Revolution has its hands into the origin of the apartment buildings.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, migration from the countryside to the city of peasants who were then transformed into the working class forced the cities that received them create places for them, and that brought the rise of houses in they started chaotically built up. But these places soon turned into neighborhoods with a lot of dirt and disease that made it difficult law and order in those places. But for a government to take action against this situation they would still take many years. The first buildings were for new entrepreneurs and wealthy migrants of Europe, who recently settled in the Americas.

One of the first was the Dakota Building in New York; this was built in 1879 and was the style with high gables and deep roofs with windows, terracotta panels and spandrels, niches, balconies and balustrades that gave the building a stylish appearance German Renaissance. And I was called that way because it was located in an area of Manhattan that was still quite uninhabited for the moment as the remote region of Dakota.

The way in which the apartments in Atlanta Georgia were organized at that time was the same everywhere, the style of the French, who then was the style of first class hotels in the world; with doors that connected each room, but with the existence of the central corridors that could be traveled without bothering anyone. The apartments were very large and could vary between 4-20 rooms, one of the peculiarities of the time were the common areas for conversation and recreation of the inhabitants of the building, gyms and gardens and even tennis courts; plus extensive for meals and, of course, the elevators were located at the corners of buildings.

Notably, after the Second World War, the concept of the apartments in Atlanta Georgia changes, with the entry of the Soviet Union and the rise of post-war industrial age. The buildings became gray, square and uniform, smooth concrete and unadorned, a permanent reminder for all inhabitants of what political system they wanted to, but at the same time stable and permanent housing for all citizens is guaranteed. This strengthened the loyalty of workers to companies and held a fairly good level of life for many people in the cities of non-communist countries.

When Asia reached sustained development in the 80s and 90s, he also developed his concept of flat and vertical housing; Japan went on to build apartments just 30 square meters without private bathroom, but that have public restrooms nearby, really are cubicles where a single person (maybe a couple) may have their few belongings and sleep the hours that was not in their workplace; a little cold and lacking in life, a reflection of automated and detached from the social relationship places.

Thus, from the luxury of the nineteenth century to the concrete cubicle of this century, apartment buildings have a connection and never walked away from us.